I'm Mike from Jet Surfing Nation and I've ridden and tested every board on the market and some that are not even on the market yet.

When it comes to buying a jetboard most people don't realize that post sale service is the most important part to consider. Imagine you bought a 15,000 toy and it breaks the next week after you get it. That is exactly what happened to me.

Good luck reaching your factory! In most cases the factory is overworked and does not have a dedicated person to help you! even if it does, will you be paying for them to come and inspect your problem or ship a heavy and expensive board to the country of the factory?

This quickly turns into a very frustrating mess. I wont even mention the usual 6-8 wait delay that the factories do not tell you about. Generally buying from the factory or the wrong person is just a complete disaster.

That is where Wayne's and Jet Board Limiteds service shines! Wayne does not just sell you the board but also cares about, understands and offers the best post sale service and repairs.

In the industry so new as jetbaording, most boards will break within1-2 months of use and will require service and repairs. That is the price you pay to get cutting edge technology! When my board broke Wayne and his team were not just helpful with general advice but also took control and sorted everything out in record breaking time.

If you are serious about buying a jet board, make sure you buy from people who really care, know what they are doing and talking about, have a great reputation and are well respected in the industry. Wayne and the rest of the Jet Board Limited crew are the ones you want to deal with. Trust me.

You might think I am biased, but in reality I am not. I have tested almost all the jetboards, I have met almost all manufactures and I know a lot about the industry so I believe I have a right to give my opinion. Wayne's and his Jet Board crews service is the one I recommend with no doubt! If you want to try all the boards before you buy it - Wayne is the guy to ask!

If you want to see myself, Wayne and the Jet Board crew in action then check out some of our latest videos. We have made it our mission to test, ride, review and report back to you on every board thats on the market. If you have a new board then give us a shout. Jet Board Testing Tour
Andreas E-Surfer
In the very early days of E-Surfer we got introduced to Wayne Brooks from Jet Board Limited. Wayne is not only a very open minded and a friendly person but he is indeed an industry expert and very well known in this small but growing motorised surfing community.

We partnered successfully on multiple occasions such as the All Star Jetboard Tour and and we are planning even more exiting things with Wayne and his Jet Board Limited team for the future.

If anyone knows all the jetboards then it is Wayne and the Jet Board Limited team. They spend a lot of time and effort sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

No matter weather it be the manufacturer, customer or just anyone in the community for example in the electric surfboard forum at E-Surfer you will always find that Wayne and his Jet Board Limited team are actively involved and committed to helping everybody, no matter how big or small.

Keep it going, Wayne and Jet Board Limited team.